February foliage

Taking part in my first foliage follow-up. After grabbing a couple of quick pictures I noticed a few things. My garden/yard as a whole is still pretty sparse, but it’s still in the beginning stages. Also, for “winter” I found a good amount of green and flowers.


Right out the door, a nice bright green splash of color from one of my fox tail ferns framing my front door. You can even see a couple of slim spears of new growth that sprang just a couple of days ago.


These wax leaf begonias were a surprise. I planted them last spring and expected them to just freeze up and die during the winter. Once the autumn leaves started falling, I left a six inch pile of leaves on this bed just to help keep any weeds from taking root. Last weekend, while doing some yard clean up and prep for the upcoming spring, I pulled back the leaves and found the begonias thriving and blooming! I guess it just shows how mild this winter has been.


One of my newest salvias I planted just a few months ago, in October. It’s already starting to show it’s color.


Another salvia, this time in white about ready to go into full bloom.


A great shot of a bed full of trailing lantana. I planted these last spring and watered them, maybe twice? They are loving the enormous amount of sun in this spot. Also, I’m pretty sure they’ve been blooming since I planted them. In the background you can see is a nice clump of “wild petunia” that came with the house. As I researched, just now, to see if that’s really what it was, I discovered I may actually be an invasive species (Ruellia caerulea) here in Texas… In fact, I came across this in the Austin Grow Green guide about ruellia, “taller types are invasive; do not plant near preserves.” Luckily, I don’t live near a preserve, but as you can see they are tall. Much taller than the 8″ – 1′ drawf variety that is recommended. I guess I will need to take a further look at that bed.


These pansies have been thriving thanks to some recent rain and the mild winter.


Finally, a crimson clover cover crop getting one of my raised beds ready for the upcoming spring planting.

Hope you enjoyed some of my February foliage. Check out Pam’s blog Digging for even more great foliage.


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