First things first, I’m Chris. As this blog progresses I’m sure you’ll get to know me even better but I thought quick introduction/background was in order. Something to just explain what this blog is all about, or at least what I intend for it to be all about.

I live in the Austin, TX (a few times referred to as “The People’s Republic of Austin”). Austin, the capital of Texas, is pretty much located in the middle of Texas. It’s a growing city, with an established music scene (Google “live music capital of the world”), delicious food and a technology epicenter. Lucky for me I love music and enjoying my city, I love good food, and well… I’m a software engineer. Plus, I’m always learning about new things around Austin that make me love the city even more. Recently I would have to say that has been biking.

After moving to Austin and buying my first house, there was one passion that I’ve had my entire life that I was surprised fit right in here, gardening. Gardening is my main hobby that allows me to be creative and in many ways it’s therapeutic. Soon after breaking ground on my own gardens I discovered Austin has a thriving gardening blog community.

This brings me to what this blog is all about. As you can guess, the main focus will be on my gardening adventures, but I also don’t want to leave out any of those other adventures around Austin. To sum up, it’s three parts gardening, two parts Austin, and one part whatever else inspires me.


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